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Takeaway Menu


Cooked in medium spices and herbs with garlic, peppers and onions.

Cooked with fresh naga coriander, tomato, onion with hot thick sauce


With our special creamy massala sauce

Spring chicken or fillet Iamb cooked in a very well spiced handi sauce. Also with garnished of garlic, coriander and cheese on top

Cooked with medium spices cooked with mushroom, tomatoes, fried garlic

£ 7.50

Chicken tikka, minced lamb, potatoes, tomatoes cooked with medium spices

Chicken in a home made sauce and garnished with a blend of green chillies garlic and green peppers

Tender pieces of Chicken or Lamb cooked in a sauce of spices and cooked in a fresh green chillies and yoghurt

Chicken or Lamb tikka cooked in a sauce of herbs and fresh green chillies served hot or very hot

Pieces of Chicken or Lamb merinated in special spices and cooked in a thick gravy with herbs, tomatoes, capsicum and onions

Chicken or Lamb topped with butter in a mild sweet creamy sauce

Medium with slightly thick sauce and herbs

£ 7.25

Smashed Chicken slowly cooked in spices and herbs, served medium hot or very hot

£ 7.25

Tandoori Chicken off the bone with special tandoori sauce and green chillies

£ 7.25

Tandoori Chicken off the bone marinated in mild honey and lemon tandoori sauce